[VIDEO] Learn How Haz-Trac Works in 2 minutes

Learn how workforce members can easily report and avoid hazards using Haz-Trac.

Haz-Trac is designed for workers to avoid hazards and to deliver reinforcement reporting data, which drives improvement in workforce engagement for ongoing safe job site working behavior, resulting in lower claim costs.

A construction project’s safety culture is the collective values of project management’s  methods combined with its subcontracted workforces perception towards safety.

It is often described as “the way we do things around here”. Project management culture influences  subcontractors’ human performance and their human behavior at work.

The Cultural Based Safety™ system helps overcome the common  barriers to safe subcontractor worksite performance in construction.

Haz-Trac  is designed to support contractors and owners with an integrated approach to  achieving safe behavior utilizing new technology with enhanced training and consistent communication to subcontractor workforce members (on behalf of client).

Take Haz-Trac for a test drive here