Watch the original construction site safety app in action. The Haz-Trac app is the foundation of a new safety culture for construction.

Building the new safety culture.

This new culture is about preserving life, preventing accidents, superior claims management, and improved project delivery.

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Construction Site Safety Tracking App lets users:

Identify a Hazard. App lets users send a report to online portal with email notification setting for highest priority report to site safety rep and/or appropriate line management. Report made with comments required and optional ability to add photos. Ability to label report priority as a requirement to submit: Life-Threatening, High, Moderate.

Report an Incident.  App lets users submit type of loss, take photos, identify witnesses.

Report Safety Leadership for modeling the best safety practices and to incentivize correcting hazard issues.

Cultural Based Safety strives
to encourage open communication
of safety threats.

Cultural Based Safety is about:

Management’s commitment to health and safety.

Worker empowerment to impact the work environment.
Big Data

Addressing causes of injuries, incidents, and hazards.

Faster, more accurate reporting using the latest, easily available, and easy-to-use technology

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