Using Technology to Make a Safe Construction Site

The reality is that the actual and social costs of construction accidents that cause injury and death are astronomical. These costs do not discriminate; they impact general contractors, developers, and subcontractors, alike. The good news is that many of these risks can be mitigated with a solid behavioral, cultural, and technological strategy. A strategy that we have. Technology can drastically reduce financial and social losses and save lives.

Paperwork should not get in the way of doing your job.

The key to reducing construction injuries and fatalities is communication. Technology is the bridge to help improve safety communications.

Oftentimes, the administrative functions of a safety representative get in the way of actually improving the safety of the workplace. Paperwork obligations have become the enemy of effective job site safety performance. The paperwork and reporting actually keeps the safety representatives from the field, where they should be.

With new and advanced technology, information, i.e. hazard reports, can be delivered in real-time to those that can review them and take action to save lives and avoid claims. In addition, safety apps offer management real-time access to project photos and construction site performance.

The construction site safety app Haz-Trac was designed to empower workforce members in identifying and correcting hazards to improve incident and cost reductions. This technology solves communication problems by enabling management to get safety messages to on-site workers rapidly and in a manner prevents accidents.

Construction site apps also reduce the amount of paperwork and create a more efficient workflow. In many cases, safety representatives are drowning in paperwork and are unable to focus on the people instead of the paper. In addition, job sites have too many claims that are hitting max coverage and hazard reports are not timely.

Using an app like Haz-Trac, workforce members can easily report and avoid hazards. Haz-Trac technology protects each worker personally through identification and reporting of jobsite hazards.

Haz-Trac is a user-friendly mobile app that lets users take photos and report locations/descriptions of job site hazards like unprotected floor openings, a conduit in walkways, and other unsafe practices. Apps such as these are designed for workers to avoid hazards and to deliver reinforcement reporting data to management. This drives improvement in workforce engagement for ongoing safe job site behavior, resulting in lower claim costs.

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