About Us

Why we started Hybrid Risk Solutions: to prevent accidents and to save lives.

Safety reps are drowning in paperwork.
Job sites have too many claims.
Hazard Reports are not timely.
Reports reviewed too late to save lives.

Nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the nation on any given day.

The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries.

The HRS Cultural Based Safety™ process integrates:

  • the use of technology
  • real life construction experience
  • proven safety science factors
  • consistent reinforcing communications to all subcontracted workforce members

This results is a straightforward approach to reduce job site incidents and claim costs.

Pictures of Everyday Hazards on Construction Sites

This is a picture of a Foreman watching his employee install a piece of formwork at an elevated height without even having any sort of fall protection equipment on. Why is he letting his employee work like this?
This is a picture of a serious fire hazard.  The photo was taken in the winter months and the employees were trying to warm up their caulking in a cardboard box and had 2 lights without any cages on them inside the box.  There were actually burn marks inside the box on each side where the lights were. Why did employees walk by this every day and nobody notify anyone?
This platform was on the perimeter of the building, over 200’ fall exposure, and over a major roadway.  We later noticed on the visit that there were about 6 more of these platforms being used on the job.  The Safety Manager had to know the platforms were being used.
This is a picture of 3 employees erecting the exterior hoist. The one employee on the right is tied off and the other 2 aren’t. The fall exposure is greater than 200’. Why is the one employee tied off and his other 2 working partners are not? No one is watching each other’s back.
3 employees installing supports for the working deck.  One employee on the left is tied off and the one on the right is not.  They are working partners, and not looking out for each other.  The other employee is attempting to carry the large support, which is extremely heavy, by himself and causing the other employee to bend over as he is trying to balance himself on a piece of scaffolding.  No one is looking out for each other.  Where’s the teamwork?
This is a picture of an employee laying plywood inside an elevator shaft to protect the opening. This is a drop in excess of 100’ without any personal fall protection and no guardrails to prevent employees from entering the exposed elevator shaft opening. Where is his Foreman and why is this area not protected?
This is a photo of multiple employees standing on a piece of unsecured formwork.  The employees also did not have on any type of fall protection equipment.
This is an employee dropping a rebar cage into a 15’ hole without any fall protection. The entire opening is unprotected and no one is around to assist him. Once again no one is looking out for this employee.

Construction work has inherent risks. These risks can lead to injury and death.

Historically, solutions have targeted worker behavior, attitudes, and awareness.

These solutions offered varying levels of merit; however, none of them extended a comprehensive solution that solved the problem.

This is why we began Hybrid Risk Solutions.

Hybrid Risk Solutions is building the new construction site safety culture. This new culture is about preserving life, preventing accidents, superior claims management, and improved project delivery.

Using human performance and behavioral analysis, along with workforce-empowering mobile apps, reporting dashboards, and real-time communications tools, we can accomplish these goals.

Our mission is to help ensure your workers go home each day to their families safe, healthy, and prepared for the next day’s important work, so your construction projects are delivered on budget and on time.

The reality is that the actual and social costs of construction accidents that cause injury and death are astronomical. These costs do not discriminate; they impact general contractors, developers, and
subcontractors, alike. The good news is that many of these risks can be mitigated with a solid behavioral, cultural, and technological strategy. A strategy that we have.

Together, we can drastically reduce financial and social losses and save lives.