How Incentives Help Change Attitudes on Construction Sites

That moment when your jobsite inspection app changes the way workers think.

Our clients are experiencing a cultural shift. They expected “just” an app that aggregates data in real time but got so much more. The app is proving to be an attitude adjuster.

The ability to participate easily in a site’s safety program by reporting hazards and safety leaders is enough incentive for many workers. Haz-Trac is great for workers who are motivated intrinsically. This type of worker believes that safety is the right thing to do and they do not need any incentive besides going home safely every day. Intrinsically motivated workers are the early adopters of Haz-Trac at their jobsites – they are at the top of the safety leader board immediately with five to ten times more observations reported compared to their peers.

The incentive structure on a multi-employer worksite can be tricky, and this is where Haz-Trac shines. Safety Managers prefer Haz-Trac because they can “incentivize on the contractor level and the individual level.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many workers are motivated by extrinsic factors like public recognition and gifts, and that’s where Haz-Trac’s in-person safety incentive program comes into play. Each quarter, a catered lunch is held to show appreciation to the workers for using Haz-Trac. Apparel and other swag is provided in addition to the meal. Our clients have found that once a site has a lunch or two in the books, worker participation in the app increases dramatically – often between 100 -200 percent increase. This uptick is likely due to gaining trust and buy-in from extrinsically motivated workers.

Haz-Trac helps create a culture of having a safety conversation regularly in the field.

Inspections and observations have been a part of construction site safety for a long time. Typically, in the past, inspections were done by a safety manager or site supervisor. With Haz-Trac, every worker on the jobsite has the opportunity to conduct a site inspection. Every time a worker steps onto the jobsite, they have the chance to make it better through their observations and actions. Instead of walking by a hazard and assuming someone will notice it or fix it, the workforce is empowered to intervene, repair the problem, and report it via the app.

Our clients are getting over 100 observations per month by using Haz-Trac and have commented that this type of participation would never have happened with previous mobile applications they have tried at their jobsites because they were just too hard to use and did not provide reliable or timely information.

The app is intuitive and photo-based, with very little text needed to convey a negative or positive observation. A photo can be shared in real time via instant notifications to the parties necessary to make the repair or receive the praise.

Whether a worker is intrinsically or extrinsically motivated, Haz-Trac brings new technology to the classic management adage “what gets measured gets done” by incentivizing worker participation in a site’s safety program. The app empowers the workforce by making safety easy and approachable. The in-person incentive program brings stakeholders together, highlighting the human side of safety – all parties can show that they genuinely care about the safety performance of the site, and this care translates into positive attitudes towards safety.




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