Celebrating Construction Site Safety Leaders

The Haz-Trac Safety Recognition program uses data collected on construction sites using the Haz-Trac app. Haz-Trac is designed for efficiency in identifying and correcting hazards to improve incident and cost reductions. The construction site safety app allows users to make hazard and safety leadership reports. Using this data safety leaders are recognized.

What Makes a Safety Leader?  People who are modeling the best safety practices big and small. Anticipating, recognizing, controlling, and reporting hazards on the job. For example:

  • Identifying a Hazard
  • Reporting an Incident
  • Proper Safety Action
  • Best Practice
  • Displaying Teamwork
  • Safety Leadership

Clients of Hybrid Risk Solutions receive quarterly Safety Recognition Reports with names of individual safety leaders and contractors on their jobs and recommendations based on losses, incidents and safety recognition.

These are photos from the Safety Leadership Recognition Event at 451 E. Grand in Chicago on January 13, 2017. Safety leaders were treated to lunch from Chicago’s famous Lou Manalti’s pizza. Rewards included sweatshirts, duffel bags, knapsacks, water bottles and Harley Davidson safety vests.

For more photos and to watch the video click here or below:

Congratulations to all of the safety leaders honored at this event. Using the Haz-Trac app every employee on the jobsite is responsible for safety.  If you are involved in construction operations – get a free trial of Haz-Trac here