Haz-Trac Named as Top 3 Safety App

Haz-Trac, the construction site safety app launched in January 2016 has earned accolades from users and clients alike. This week, prominent safety professional and blogger Abby Ferri has named Haz-Trac as one of her picks for the top three safety apps.  Abby Ferri, CSP is the CEO of The Ferri Group LLC. She has over 13 years of experience in the field of safety and health in diverse industries including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, beverage, and retail. Read the full article, “Top 3 Safety Apps,” here.

Paul Linssen, CEO for Hybrid Risk Solutions, says with over 500 hazard and safety leadership reports made, the app does well in ease of use and adoption.

“It’s a true testament to the need for a change in culture at jobsites.”

Linssen says they’re breaking down barriers and creating a culture of having a safety conversation regularly in the field:

“Haz-Trac was built for the employees, it is all about empowering the workforce and creating a culture that has never been done in the construction industry. Usually the focus of each and every job is the condition’s on that project. Millions and millions of dollars are invested in site conditions (netting, fall protection, cocoon systems, hole covers, etc) which is great and is a must on all jobs, but nothing is being invested in the employees. Nothing is invested in the actual people who create and prevent the hazards and incidents on the job. The workforce is what we must focus on,” says Linssen.

President Andrew Masciantonio echoed these sentiments, “Haz-Trac is a no blame system where each and every employee is able to participate in safety, report hazards and safety leaders, and look out for one another. They can only be recognized for their participation in the program and for once be empowered and be a leader on that job site. They can not get in trouble for creating or finding a hazard, now they get recognized for removing that hazard and bringing it to everyone’s attention,” says Masciantonio.

He continued, “Instead of just the Safety Manager participating in safety, now you have every employee on the job actively trying to participate in safety. Its not just about finding hazards either, its about reporting Safety Leaders, we want to know all the positive things that go on while we aren’t around. This gives the employees a chance to nominate teammates and coworkers for doing the right thing so that we may recognize and reward them in front of the entire project. This motivates other employees to participate, work safely, and find hazards each and every day.”

We are thrilled that Haz-Trac has received this recognition. Those interested in a trial code to test out the app and its capabilities can do so by clicking this link: Test Drive Haz-Trac



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