Introducing the Haz-Trac Construction Site Safety App

Haz-Trac lets construction workforce members easily report and avoid hazards. The app was designed for workers to avoid hazards and to deliver reinforcement reporting data to management. This drives improvement in workforce engagement for ongoing safe job site behavior, resulting in lower claim costs.

Construction Site Safety Manager Paperwork

This is a picture of the amount of paperwork that a Site Safety Manager is typically bogged down with on a monthly basis. This keeps Safety Managers from the field where they should be.

Haz-Trac is a construction site safety tracking app that lets users:

  • Identify a Hazard. App lets users send a report to online portal with email notification. Reports are made with comments required and optional ability to add photos. Ability to label report priority as a requirement to submit: Life-Threatening, High, Moderate
  • Report an Incident. App lets users submit type of loss, take photos, identify witnesses.
  • Report Safety Leadership for modeling the best safety practices and to incentivize correcting hazard issues.

Haz-Trac links users to its powerful reporting dashboard to view site performance in real-time and connect directly with labor representatives for corrective action steps to avoid incidents. The password-protected web dashboard lets admins have real-time access to project photos, construction site performance, hazard reports, and safety accolades. Summary reports can be exported and emailed.

We began Hybrid Risk Solutions to help ensure your workers go home each day to their families safe, healthy, and prepared for the next day’s important work. By pairing this technology with a behavioral approach to cultural change, we will foster an environment that reduces risk and promotes continually improving safety.


Construction Site Safety Hazard

This is an employee dropping a rebar cage into a 15’ hole without any fall protection. The entire opening is unprotected and no one is around to assist him. Once again no one is looking out for this employee.


If you would like to take Haz-Trac for a test drive, we will email you a demo code and you can begin using the technology that will revolutionize construction site safety reporting. Click here to get a free demo code to explore Haz-Trac at your own pace.   Download it on iTunes here. Construction Safety Management App