Haz-Trac Adds 3D Touch for Easier Access and Faster Reporting

Haz-Trac Quick 3D TouchThe latest version of Haz-Trac adds 3D touch support to make reporting a construction site hazard, incident or safety leader much easier.

“Our goal is to anticipate and accelerate our user’s interaction with Haz-Trac,” said Paul Linssen, president, Hybrid Risk Solutions

Now users can use Apple’s quick actions to make reports faster and in fewer steps. All of Haz-Trac’s reports can be initiated with a single press, right from the Home screen. It’s important that Haz-Trac users are able to unlock the app fast in order to report a construction site safety hazard as fast as possible to avoid someone getting injured or killed. The more reports that are made using this app the better. The app is used to collect data for our consultants to to review construction site issues and make recommendations for safety improvements. 

3D Touch–enabled actions include:

  1. Reporting Safety Leadership
  2. Reporting an Incident
  3. Reporting a Hazard

If you are involved in construction operations, check out the Haz-Trac Construction Site Safety App | Take it for a test drive here.