Safety Recognition

Everyone’s reason for going to work is personal. The HRS recommended Safety Recognition plan is designed to set your firm apart from other builders who simply comply with traditional safety regulations.

The goal of the Cultural Based Safety™ program is not to push all workers through and expect radical change, but rather work with subcontractor participants to provide them with a complete understanding of the Cultural Based Safety™ process and the value of being vigilant in safe working behavior to protect them personally.

The HRS participants set themselves apart from those workforce members who simply comply with safe working behavior because they must.
The Cultural Based Safety™ process will deliver popular Harley Davidson products in recognition of ‘safety leaders’ that prove actively avoid hazards. Harley Davidson is a popular brand with the construction industry’s workforce.
HRS will provide you with a weighted sum point system formula based on the utilization of Haz-Trac technology, losses and incidents.
On a job site, there are multiple criteria that need to be evaluated in ranking nominees for safety awards, those are:  Losses, Incidents and
Haz-Trac usage.
How the awards are decided.

Cultural Based Safety™ awards are decided based on a weighted sum model. There are 2 programs, one for individuals and one for contractors. Points are assigned using multiple-criteria.

To ensure maximum performance value, all criteria does not carry equal weight.

For instance, the relative weight of the first criterion of losses is equal to 1.00, the relative weight for the second criterion, incidents is 0.50 and Haz-Trac is weighted at .25.

Financial losses Range

  • 0-25k = (-1)
  • 25k-100k = (-2)
  • 100k to 500k = (-5) 500k and above = (-10)


  • (-0.50) per incident reported
  • Haz-Trac Reports+.25 points
Award Type Two: Individual Performance Awards

• Financial losses using monthly loss run data, this criteria holds the highest weight.
• Incidents using monthly loss run data, this carries middle weight.
• Haz-Trac award recognition using Haz-Trac submission data carries the lowest weight.