Management Commitment

You have already made significant investments in safety management systems. This commitment has improved the safe working conditions for thousands of construction workforce members.

In an effort to further improve job site safety, you can extend your commitment to allow HRS to aggressively target safe working behavior of all subcontracted workforce members to reduce incidents and associated costs.

To improve job site safety, consider the following behavior based safety items:

Brief Training Sessions

Management commits to allow HRS to conduct behavior based ‘training brief’ sessions in weekly Superintendent/Foreman meetings.

Quality Control Audits

HRS performs monthly quality control audits to ensure sustainable change in workforce safety behavior.

App to Identify, Avoid and Correct Hazards

Management commits to empower workforce members with the Haz –Trac app to identify/avoid/correct hazards.

Construction industry research indicates that a senior management commitment to thinking and acting differently is needed to effectively change individual workforce safety behaviors. This process is designed to achieve material improvement in job site safety behavior, resulting in major cost savings.

HRS provides monthly and quarterly safety related reporting to workforce members.

Safety Recognition
HRS administers a Safety Recognition System.